Human Resources / HR Policies and Procedures Employee induction program

TANDI Online Employee Inductions


Comprehensive and Compliant to Australian Standards

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HR Polices & Procedures employee induction

Included Topics are

• Code of general conduct.
• Fit for work (Alcohol, Drugs, Fatigue and illness)
• Electronic media use.
• Social media use.
• Recruitment.
• Privacy.
• Mobile phones and personal calls.
• Discrimination.
• Bullying and harassment.
• Grievance and complaints.
• Performance feedback and development.

• Dress code and personal grooming.
• Fair Work information statement.
• Your personnel file.
• Probation.
• Your pay.
• Reimbursement of expenses.
• Rosters/work schedule.
• Leave. (sick, compassionate, Jury duty, community service, Pregnancy, Maternal / Paternal)
• Ending your employment/termination.
• Performance improvement and disciplinary procedures.
• Confidential information and security.

For no extra cost you can add TANDI Workplace Health and Safety Modules

The Benefits of a this Human Resources / HR Induction Module:

  1. WORKPLACE CULTURE – New employees need to align and be assimilated into your workplace culture.  They need to understand your values and the behaviours that drive those values.
  2. COMPLIANCE – Educate employees about your company policies on safety, bullying, sexual harassment, and other critical policies. This will help to protect the business by preventing incidents and better defending any claim.
  3. RETENTION – Inductions programs help employees to adjust to their new role, make a smoother transition into the business and assimilate into the company culture. This ultimately helps retention of employees and saves on recruitment costs and helps employees to feel supported.
  4. PRODUCTIVITY – Employees learn the right way of doing things from the beginning, instead of being shown shortcuts or the other

This HR Module is Included in all of our Induction Bundles. Or if you like we can make this a stand alone module.

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