Changing Course with Gio Okumu – TRAINING COURSE




Gio Okumo’s Changing Course program is a great starting point for people who feel they want to move forward professionally and/or personally.

This training package will guide you through a series of steps to help you improve your mindset and work on your personal and professional growth. It includes both online training AND a one:one BREAK THROUGH coaching session with Gio.

Giovanni Okumu works with corporate teams and individuals who want to improve their career satisfaction, build professional and personal mindsets and reach their full potential. He has partnered with TANDI to bring his wealth of knowledge to our online platform.


Gio is a business analyst, human behaviour specialist and personal development coach. His personal experience, combined with his business know-how makes him a game changer when it comes to helping individuals and companies thrive.

At the age of 19, Gio left everything he knew behind; his family, friends, culture and way life. With only a suitcase, he was bound for Brisbane Australia from Kenya. From adversity came great success. Geo’s story is unique, but we call relate to the turbulence of life lived to the limits.

Gio now works with corporate clients and individuals to help people better themselves in both career and life.

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