Collection of Information Statement

Collection of Information Statement 

Please read the following information and then indicate that you have read and understood the 6 statements;

Personal Information Collected

We have asked that you provide information which is of a personal nature (‘Personal Information’). The Federal Privacy Act 1988 requires us to provide you with information about our management of that Personal Information.

Purpose of Collection

We are collecting Personal Information about you for the purpose of enabling us to assess the quality of your application for the employment you have applied for.


In the event that you are unsuccessful in your application for employment with us, or until you become employed with us, you may access the Personal Information about you in accordance with our Privacy Statement. Should you become an employee of the organisation, access to your employment records is regulated by our Human Resources Policy.


The organisation, or types of organisations to which we usually disclose Personal Information are;

Previous employers for the purpose of checking employment history and to undertake reference checking

In the event of employment, the Federal Police are supplied with information for the purpose of obtaining a police record check. Consent to do this is indicated on a police check form.

Consequences of Refusal

If you do not consent to us collecting the Personal Information or provide us with Personal Information about you, we may not be able to properly determine whether you are the most suitable and meritorious candidate for the employment.

How to Contact Us

If you have questions or require further information, please contact the employer.

Alternatively please contact TANDI support via email at