Skills Development

Practical Workplace Skills to Strengthen Your Team and Career

Online Skills Development Training Courses to Fastrack Your Career and Upskill Your Staff

With TANDI’s skills training system, you will have a fully automatic process for all your training, ensuring that your workforce remains up to date on the latest requirements. If you are looking to enhance your skills for career advancement then the Skills Development Courses are for you. Simply purchase one or more licenses using our convenient online cart.

We can also combine any of the skills development courses with your Induction Programs or a Custom eLeaning course.

Skills Development Courses

Our Skills Development Courses provide knowledge and professional development that will align individual growth with organisational goals such as productivity and job satisfaction. These programs are a strategic investment in your biggest asset, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.

NOTE: All training can be customised to your needs.

Need a customised solution for your business?

Our expert curriculum advisors are more than happy to create a custom training package to suit
your individual business needs.

We’ll combine fully compliant processes and documentation with your own content and style to
create a package that you can use time and again.

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