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Compliant Induction Training Covers Safety and HR Designed for Small to Medium Sized Australian Businesses READ OTHER BENEFITS Increase Retention Rates & Productivity Fulfill Legal Obligations Employees are Clear on Expectations View Benefits Easy To Use No Set Up Fees Instant Access No Lock in Contracts Manage your teams Training Trial Our Products Looking for Business Documentation? Workplace Health and Safety HR Documents Templates


TANDI online Induction training software helps Australian businesses simplify and automate their employee induction process, providing a comprehensive understanding of safety and compliance with workplace laws and regulations.
The technology streamlines your inductions, fulfils your legal obligation to keep records and can be accessed by your employees from any location via internet.
Enjoy instant access to the full library of HR and Safety training modules or custom make it with your unique branding and specific requirements.

More information about our standard Employee Induction products:

HR Policies and Procedures Training

Work Health and Safety Training

Industry Specific Safe Work Practices Training


People learn more from ELearning than other methods because they are being rewarded while they learn. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than the next. Trial our induction packages today.

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WHEN ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL, we can create CUSTOMISED TRAINING to meet your needs