How to purchase TANDI products

Simply go to our Pricing page and select the amount of user licenses you require for your organization. If you need more simply purchase additional user licenses and this will be added to your existing account.

How to start my training

TANDI training is accessible via  MY Courses page which is the menu located on the left hand side of the MY Account Page.

Once you have completed a Lesson you will see the grey circle next to the lesson turn green.

How to allocate training

Please go to my account and then on the left hand side of your screen will be another menu bar. Click on Assign Training to allocate training to an employee. Then type in first name of employee, last name, email and then click add Users. If you wish to add multiple employees click the add more button. If you prefer to import your entire current staff list then this can be done using the import CSV. There is an example of how your csv documents should look like on the Assign Training page. All you need to do to import all your team is 3 columns with first name, Last name, email and saved in CSV.

Once you have added users they will be displayed under “Enrolled User Details”.

When you Enrol a user you will see towards the top of the page how many registration you have left. If you are running low or need to add more users then simply top up your account via the Pricing Page.


Once you have added a user an email will automatically be sent to this team member advising them of their username and password so that they can access their TANDI training.

How to allocate a TANDI administrator

Please go to my account and then on the left hand side of your screen will be another menu bar.

Firstly you will need to Assign training to this user. See tutorial on this.


Select which training “group” then tick the box on the left hand side of the user you wish to become a TANDI administrator.


Group Leader Icon


This icon will be displayed next to the users name that are administrators.

You can search for the user using the Search box or using the sort feature at the top of each menu.

You can also stop this person being a TANDI administrator by selecting the user and then clicking “Remove as group administrator”.

Below is a screen shot of the “ASSIGN ADMINISTRATOR” function.




How to use reporting

Please go to My account page and click on Reports. This will take you to reporting. This page is only available to logged in users.

In the first drop down menu select the package you purchased. In the second drop down select the course you want data for, then simply select “get” employee list. This will list all the employees you enrolled.

The free text columns are for you to add anything you wish such as cost code, country etc. Once you have named a column or row don’t forget to click the save button.

You can sort rows, drop columns.

The dates listed under the modules is the date the employee completed the training.

You can export your data to csv to use the functions of excel.

How to use resource page

The Resource Page gives you and your entire team access to important HR and WHS Links as well as numerous Safety Documents, HR Tools and also TANDI  Document Control Which lists when we update anything in the training.

All documents and Tools can be downloaded for your use only (see disclosure on page).

All our documents have been scanned with Antivirus, Anti Spam Software. before uploading.

How to change payment method

If you Wish to change the credit card details or card type go to My Account and go to Payment Method.

You can add a new credit card or change.

TANDI uses Stripe for payments. Your credit Card details are not stored on our system. Please go To Stripe for further details.

How to change account details such as Email, Name or Password.

Simply goto My Account Page. You will see several tabs. Click Account details Tab were you can alter Name, Email or Password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training completion report do I get?

At the end of every course you and your Employer will get a declaration listing you have read and understood the topics within the training. Please see an example report below.

If you answered no to anything on the report you will need to contact your manager or supervisor immediately.

If you answered NO to any item within the declaration your supervisor or manager will also be notified.

Is TANDI Employee Inductions suitable for existing workers?

Yes, TANDI is a great tool for reminding or informing existing workers of what the organisation’s expectations are.

Having troubles logging in?

We have found the most common problem is your browser is blocking cookies.
In chrome on the right hand side next to the favorites star, go to settings,click show advanced setting at the bottom of the screen, click content settings under privacy, under Cookies click “Allow local data to be set”.

In Safari, open Safari, At the top of page is the word Safari, Click preferences, Go to Privacy tab, go to Cookies, select iether “Allow from websites I visit” or “Always Allow”.

Any problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fault using Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome please try the following.

  • Open Chrome.
  • In the address bar at the top, type chrome://plugins and press Enter.
  • Click Details.
  • Scroll down to “Adobe Flash Player.”
  • Under “Type: PPAPI,” click Enable/disable.

I have also tried to disable completely and this has worked.

Estimated time to complete training modules

These figures are the approximation times to complete our comprehensive staff training modules.

Module  Name Approximate duration
HR Policies and procedures part 1 40 minutes
HR Policies and procedures part 2 30 minutes
WHS Module part 1 25 minutes
WHS Module part 2 30 minutes
Cleaners and Housekeeping 20 minutes
Hospitality Services 25 minutes
Health and Community Services 40 minutes
Retail 35 minutes
Kitchen and Catering 25 minutes

Can I add additional Packs

You can add additional User Licenses by simply purchasing additional user licenses on the pricing page. If you have any problems please contact us via live chat or go to our contact page for further options.

Do I need audio to do the training?

No, you do not need to have audio to complete the TANDI induction. We ensure that all activities are accessible without sound, however the experience is best done with sound if possible.

What devices can I use?

Browsers and Mobile Apps for Viewing Published Courses

When learners launch our course, they’ll see the right type of content based on the device and browser they’re using.

  1. They’ll see the Flash content if using a browser that supports it.
  2. If they’re using an iPad and the Articulate Mobile Player option was activated (optional), the course will launch in the Articulate Mobile Player app. (If the app isn’t already installed, they’ll be prompted to install it.)
  3. If they’re using an iPad and didn’tactivate the Articulate Mobile Player option they’ll see the HTML5 output in mobile Safari.
  4. If they’re using another browser that doesn’t support Flash and you included HTML5, they’ll see the HTML5 output. ( see below for list of supported HTML5 Browsers)

Browsers and Mobile Apps for Viewing Published Courses


Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later plus any of these web browsers:

Windows: Internet Explorer 8 and later, Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)


Windows: Google Chrome (latest version)

Mac: Safari 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version)

Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 7 and later, Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 4.1 and later

Apple iOS

Articulate Mobile Player in Apple iOS 7 or later on iPad

Android OS

Articulate Mobile Player in Android OS 4.1 or later (optimized for tablets)


Internet Explorer 8 or later and Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later

Why is my training stating that I have not completed?

To get training to turn green or to get “completed” displayed EVERY slide within the training module must be completed. Please contact our friendly team for any assistance.

Having trouble viewing our training?

TANDI highly recommend the use of Desktop or Laptop computers to view the training. Small devices lack the memory resources.

TANDI training can be viewed by DEVICES using FLASH or HTML5 .

Many of the problems we have uncounted have been rectified by using a laptop or desktop computer. Using or Installing another browser or APP such as Firefox or Opera often rectifies most issues. Updating to the latest browser version also rectifies many problems as well.  An out of date flash player can also cause viewing issues, so please go to “test my flash” at Adobe.and they have a list of devices to test. HTML5 is used on most mobile devices.

Download latest adobe flash player at

There are so many devices that each device can have different problems. So rather that you getting frustrated trying to find a solution you can use our live chat (located at the bottom left of your screen) and we can see all what Browser version, device and platform  you are using (we cannot see your phone contents) or you can contact us with the details of your device and what app/software /browser you are trying to launch our training from and we will do our best to solve the issue.

Please contact us or preferably user the live chat popup box in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

What resources can I access and download?

Safety Documents and Templates

Safe Work Procedures Template
This practical template will help you produce a safe work procedure for job tasks and may assist you in relation to your overall Work Health and Safety Management.

Risk Priority Chart
The Risk Priority Chart is a way of ranking risks in terms of their priorities, based on the principle that a risk has two primary dimensions:
•    Likelihood (how likely is an event to occur) and:
•    Consequences:  (level of impact if the event occur based on critical factors such as health, human life and cost)

Tool Box Talk Meetings
Toolbox Talks are an excellent way of allowing open consultation within any business structure and a practical way to raise workers’ awareness of specific safety issues.
This document contains instructions, a meeting form template and a long list of common topics for consideration.

WHS Meetings and Minutes Form
Every business should have regular and documented safety meetings
The form includes WHS Meeting Objectives, Aims and Suggested Discussion Topics

Establishing Fire and Evacuation Procedures Specific to your business
A simple but effective checklist to help you be compliant with the legal duty to establish Fire and Evacuation Procedures for your workplace

Building Evacuation Template
Having an evacuation map is not just a good idea, it’s required by law and must be in a specific format. Use this Building Evacuation Template and create your own.

Emergency Contact numbers list
A great template to display common emergency contact details in your workplace

Employee Medical Log
A form to log details of any medical treatment administered

Risk Management Form
Once you have identified a risk at the workplace, you need to action it. This form will make simple work out the process and help you towards legal compliance.

Risk Management Poster
This poster explains the ‘’Hierarchy of Control’, which is a list of control measures, in priority order, that must be used when you have identified hazards in your workplace.

HR Tools

How to write a killer job advert
Learn how to get your job advertisement noticed by your ideal candidates among a tsunami of information.  ‘How to write a killer job advert’ is an informative guide & template, providing you with key points to communicate as well as layout and highlight options.

Fair dismissal – info sheet
This information sheet outlines a basic dismissal process that is; compliant with relevant legislation and in accordance with the principles of natural justice, based on current best practice and procedural fairness

Employee Satisfaction Survey
Most of us have participated in an Employee Satisfaction Survey, but have you ever conducted one? This template will assist you in the process of engaging and retaining valued staff.

150+ Sample Interview Questions
This categorised list of interview questions are designed to probe for answers describing the personality profile and skill level that will “fit” within your work environment.

Workforce Planning Document
This template provides you with a tool for collecting information and structuring a workforce plan. It also highlights the types of information you need to include for decision making.

Training Register
A training register keeps record of attendance in one place, allowing you to confirm staff have received the required training, license expiry dates and upcoming training dates

Reference Check Form – Entry Level Personnel
This Reference Check Template provides a comprehensive set of structured questions designed to acquire an accurate detailed picture of a candidates past performance, skills and abilities

Reference Check – Management
This Reference Check Template is suitable for senior and management personnel and includes behavioural questions designed to acquire an accurate picture of your prospective new employees’ past performance, skills and abilities

Recruitment Process Check List
The Recruitment Process Check List is designed to streamline your recruitment process, producing a consistent, efficient and detailed process from start to finish, every time.

Disciplinary action procedures – Step by step
By using an organised, step-by-step approach and guidance notes, you will be able to navigate around this minefield with the comfort of knowing that you have covered the issues that often cause disputes and expensive legal action.

Is my Information safe?

TANDI do not store your payment details. All payment are processed through Paypal or Stripe.

TANDI Uses as SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol (over port 443) and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

At TANDI we do our best to keep your information safe, we also use the latest website Security that secures against Brute force protection, File change detection, 404 Detection and Malware. We also have Strong password enforcement, Auto Lock outs of bad users and IP’s. Plus we change our Salts and keys often (salts are a random string of data that hashes the security keys) . On top of this our system administrators do daily checks on our servers and Site for file tampering and malware scans.

If you have any concern please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where is my declaration ?

Declarations are available in your “My declarations” tab located in your account.

TANDI updated the declaration system on the 25/7/2017. Any declaration forms submitted prior to this will need to be retrieved by a TANDi administrator. Please contact us here.

What email does the employee get when I Enroll them?

G’day {user_first_name} {user_last_name} and welcome to the TANDI community.

You have been enrolled in a TANDI Course.

Your email and login details are: {user_email}
Your Password is: {user_password}

As a first step, complete the TANDI Tutorial Training Lesson – It will provide you with important information and how to navigate the training.

Please speak with your supervisor to determine which modules to complete.


  • The system will not mark a training lesson as completed unless:
  • EVERY slide is interacted with and viewed
  • You complete the associated declaration

Please go to to access your training.

In general, a small device (such as a phone) lack the memory capacity and the small screen will make the interaction “fiddly”.

For more information about devices and browsers, please visit our Support Page at

Please feel free to provide feedback and recommendations.

Thank you from the TANDI team.

Click here to login.

Can I register without an email adress?

Sorry the answer is no.

Everyone needs to receive a password to allow registering and for changing passwords etc.

Because a password could be a common password this user uses for other external accounts it is important, for security reasons, that all passwords can not be seen or entered by a third party, for the exception of the TANDI administrator.

We have many end users that previously had no email address because a phone is required to register with most email hosting companies.

To date (and as far as we know now) the following providers do not require a secondary email or phone number to confirm account.

Yandex Mail,

Zoho Mail.

Why Is the training running really slow?

Most of the time it is due to using Chrome. Try using another Browser.

If this is not the fault it could be due to your internet speed. Some training modules are over 80MB in size.

We do most of our scheduled maintenance outside normal trading hours however you might have logged in as we are doing this.

If a large volume of people start training at the same time it will slow. This is rare as we monitor server resources 24/7.

Still having troubles? Contact us.

Can I use another computer or browser to resume training?


If you stop a training module you can resume were you left of.

You can also use another computer or another browser and our system will remember were you were up to with training.

This information is not generally not stored as a flash Cookie.

Information regarding your data

 Access to end-user’s data

The security of handling End Users data is extremely important to us. TANDI has implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect information against accidental loss, unlawful destruction, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and against all other unlawful forms of processing.

What end-user information do we store?

The type of personal information that we collect and hold about end-users depends on the type of dealings that they have with us, but typically includes:

  • Email
  • First name and;
  • Last name.

We also collect data that relates to the end-users training and compliance history.

Who can access the end-user’s data?

Only TANDI administrators are able to access this data.

When can the end-user’s data be accessed?

Access to the end-user’s date is only allowed when:

  • an identified end-user requests access to the data
  • permission is provided by a client’s authorised administrator
  • required by law to provide the data

Where is your data stored?

ALL data is currently hosted and stored with servers Australia.

The server is physically located at the Equinix Data Centre in Melbourne (ME1)

The server IP address is and

More questions?

Contact  us here, use the small window live chat at the bottom left of your screen or submit feedback to the right of your screen.