How to deal with challenging, aggressive and violent behaviour in the workplace

How to Deal with Challenging, Aggressive and Violent Behaviour in the Workplace

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Course Facts

 Course Cost:                           Only $49 + GST per person
Duration:                                                 Approx. 1 hour
Delivery:                                                     100% Online 

This unique online course gives your employees the tools to strategically deal with aggressive people at a best practice level.

Employee Training Benefits

WHY your employees should take this course

They will achieve Increased confidence in managing challenging or aggressive behaviour, but more specifically:

  • Gain a better understanding of aggressive and violent behaviour and what causes it
  • Gain more self-awareness and learn what their own anger triggers are
  • Gain skills to defuse and deal with aggressive and violent behaviour
  • Learn how to report and investigate following incidents
  • Learn how to recover and unwind after an incident

Aggressive and violent people pose enormous physical and emotional risks to your employees.

Heavy fines can be imposed on organisations who cannot provide evidence of managing this risk.

Angry employees

Recommended for . . .

Employees in all industries who may have to deal with people displaying challenging, aggressive & violent behaviour from internal or external sources.

Single package costs $49 + GST per license (1 x license per User/Employee)

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