Benefits of a good Employee Induction Process

Why do Employee Induction Training

Your staff are your most important asset

As an employer, your staff are your most important asset and most of us know that the early stage of employment is critical. Yet, many organisations are taking an ad-hoc approach to Employee induction training and relying on their new team members to work it out as they go. Lack of processes and too few checks and balances could see you miss out on an opportunity to build a productive working relationship as well as constitute a potential breach of the law. Getting employee induction training right is particularly challenging for small sized businesses as they do not have the resources, time and expertise that larger organisations have.

Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why you should have a strong induction training programme in place

  • It’s a legal oblication
  • Induction training is important for legal reasons because as an employer, you are obliged to make sure your employees are trained to do their jobs safely and what to do in the event of a fire or other emergency.
  • It increases retention rates & productivity
  • Research has shown time and time again that employers who invest in training have the best chance of retaining workers, as well as achieving a greater level of productivity as early as possible.
  • It will help to achieve a harmonious workplace
  • The induction process also provides a perfect opportunity to explain policies that apply at the workplace, ensuring that both managers and workers are clear on expectations, performance and acceptable behaviour.

Failure is costly

A sub-standard on boarding / induction program can lead to new employees not learning the “right” way of doing things, loss of productivity and serious issues such as safety breeches and in worst case, fatalities. As an employer you could face financial loss, prosecution, heavy fines and even a jail sentence, depending on circumstances.

Face to face vs online delivery

Your Induction should be designed to provide new staff with practical information on how the organisation operates and policies on safety, emergency, security and behaviour, which, although important, may prove a challenge to deliver in a compelling and engaging way to new staff.

There is nothing worse than getting your new employees into a boring and poorly designed classroom program, ill-suited to their learning style, with an avalanche of paper hand-outs to boot. To deliver staff training in this way is better than none, but far from ideal. Even if the inductees manage to stay awake, the learning retention is minimal.  There are simply too many variables, including the quality of the trainer and the age / correctness of the training material.

Benifits Staff Induction Training

Up-to-date Training

Line staff induction training delivers consistent course material, thoroughly researched and constantly updated by industry professionals to ensure they are relevant in line with current state and federal legislation.

Online training – It’s the new way

Online inductions are a much better alternative as it removes the variables associated with the outdated face-to-face training and cumbersome paper-trails.

Now available for all sized businesses

Up to now, Onboardining /Induction Staff training has been something only larger corporations could afford with high setup costs and nasty lock-in contracts.

However, with the launch of TANDI, all Australian businesses now have access to an online staff training platform with no setup fees, no lock-in contracts and instant access to the same training and record keeping tools, regardless of how many employees you are inducting.

With TANDI you just pay for what you need when you need it, nothing else!

The training covers both Safety AND Workplace Rules such as Code of Conduct, Sick Leave, Drugs and Alcohol etc. You also have access to the entire library of industry specific; bolt-on modules – This to keep it relevant to each inductee, regardless of their job-role.

TANDI provides the entire induction programme from start to finish and with consistent and highly engaging content delivered to every worker, you can expect a high retention rate and 100% compliance for your business.

There are many advantages, but the main ones are:

  • The training delivery is consistent
  • Information is kept up to date
  • Record keeping is done automatically
  • No setup fees
  • No lock-in contracts
  • Instant access to the same training

Staff Induction training and the law

As an employer, you have a mandatory duty of care to ensure your employees undertake training so that they can do their job safely. For this reason, work health and safety training should have a high priority in your staff induction program. Emergency procedures, including instructions regarding evacuation, exits and fire equipment are also critical. Clear workplace policies are also critical to ensure that your employees understand the expectations and responsibilities that apply in the workplace

TANDI is the industry leader in the provision of online training and addresses the weaknesses that so often exists in manual induction training

Better information retention

Many years of research have identified the need to deliver an interactive rich learning method that covers most learning styles, including reading, audio and visual. A large part of the content is gamified, where the trainee has to make decisions based on scenarios. Correct decisions prompt the release of new chapters and in the end, your employee will retain the information much better compared to for example just reading and answering questions.

Industry Specific Staff Induction Training

TANDI recognises that risk and hazards are often different, depending on the industry and job type.

To assist with this, we have developed an online course library of industry specific induction training modules, so that your employees receives specific training in regards to the risks and hazards relevant to their role. All trainees completes the general safety module first and the industry specific module 2nd.

Long term benefits

By using TANDI Staff Induction Training correctly it will bring long term benefits such as:

  • Assisting managers and supervisors making consistent and unbiased decisions
  • Clear understanding of rules and consequences if they are broken
  • Meeting your legal oblications

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