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Dealing with Difficult People

This online training teaches How to Manage Difficult and Aggressive Behaviour in the Workplace

Online training to better deal with difficult people

Do you have customers or colleagues who are aggressive and make work difficult? It’s a common problem that can be helped. This TANDI training course will give you or your team the personal skills when dealing with difficult people in the workplace

Gain a better understanding of difficult behaviour and what causes it

Gain more self-awareness and learn what your own anger triggers are

Gain skills to defuse and deal with aggressive and violent behaviour

Learn how to report and investigate following incidents

Learn how to recover and unwind after an incident

$79.00 + GST

Who should take this Course?

Recommended for frontline workers in all industries, especially…

Aged Care

Disability Care




Local Government

Youth Services

Employment Services

What’s in this eLearning Course ?

The Dealing with Difficult People training has been designed by experienced professionals and are compliant with current Australian Federal and State Legislation

Expand below to see full list of content in the TANDI Dealing with Difficult People Training.

Course Content - Dealing with Aggressive people in the Workplace
  • What is challenging behaviour
  • Aggressive and violent behaviour
  • Assertive Vs Agressive
  • What leads people to be difficult or aggressive
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Personal safety and workplace violence
  • Early Prevention
  • Self Awareness, What are your triggers?
  • Getting to know yourself and others
  • How conflictn can escalate
  • Preventing conflict escalation
  • Feeling threatended
  • Post incident response
  • Case study
  • Key Learning points

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Build your career with new skills using the TANDI online course platform. Learn at your own pace, in your own time and from ever you are.

Instant access

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Works on most Devices

Takes about an Hour

Easy to use

Includes Admin tools

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Can we add our logo to the courses?

Yes, we can brand any of the modules with your logo

How technical do we need to be to manage our system?

Just know how to use a computer. The TANDI LMS is fully managed; we set up the training for you and provide technical support for both you and your employees.

The LMS automatically creates user profiles for your employees when you allocate training, which is as simple as filling in their name and email address. They will receive an email with the instructions they need to access and complete their online induction.

Is the training kept current to Australian laws?

Yes. We automatically update our ready-to-use training when there are changes to relevant Australian laws or Workplace requirements. We will advise you of these changes via email.

Can we add other courses to our training library?

Yes you can add other ready-to-use courses.

We can also customise something that best suits your business.  Importing your existing training material where possible.

Can our teams refresh their training regularly?

Yes. We encourage businesses to arrange for their employees to re-do the training at least annually.  They can submit a Declaration form each time they complete the training. Their training history is kept safely for you to review at any time.

Can we get a custom course that best suits our business?

Lets talk about creating a custom training solution. Something that best suits your business and team.  We can import your existing training material where the formats match.

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