Creating Safe Workplaces and Limiting The Spread of Corona-19

FREE ONLINE TRAINING - Creating Safe Workplaces and Limiting The Spread of Corona-19

While restrictions are lifting and more people are returning to work, there is still a risk of employees, customers and visitors to businesses contracting Covid-19.

Businesses need to have clear processes and policies in place to ensure they are trading safely. Existing policies and procedures may need to be updated and new ones introduced to take into consideration;

  • Setting up your workplace for social distancing
  • Changes to employee rostering and working conditions
  • Changes to hygiene practices, including personal and office cleaning
  • Supervision and training of employees

TANDI have created a free short course for business owners/managers who wish to make their workplaces safer and to understand what are their responsibilities in keeping people safe and limiting the spread of the virus. 

Subjects included;

  • Duty to workers and other people in the workplace
  • Duty to maintain the workplace and facilities
  • Duty to provide information, training, instruction and supervision
  • Duty to consult
  • Worker’s rights
  • Vulnerable workers
  • Cleaning

This course has heaps of information and links to resources and other information sources. 

If you would like your management team to complete this training, we can set up a FREE account on the TANDI Learning Management System (LMS), so you can allocate and monitor the training (optional). 

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