EFFECTIVE LEADERS understand how the brain learns

Effective Leaders

Excuse #1 . . . “I FORGOT”

If you are a parent or a manager, this excuse may be very familiar.

Many of us will give in and do the job ourselves or re-delegate to someone else.  This is exasperating and a waste of time.

What if there was a better way?? 

A simple explanation for forgetful behaviour. 

If you want someone to remember something for more than just a short while, you have to deliver your information in a way that creates emotion and engagement.

Why?  Because if you fail to do so, the brain doesn’t deem the data worthy of being remembered and pushes it to ‘short term memory storage’, which is a small memory bank that constantly is getting filled and quickly erased.

So we shouldn’t expect people to remember things just because we told them it was important.

This is exactly why sleepy, class-room style induction training has very short term gain and little value!

SylviaTraining the right way is actually easy

To make information stick, you need to encourage your people to think, react, respond and get involved. If your training processes create positive emotions, rather than forceful, fear-creating ones – you’re on your way to developing a successful, engaged and loyal team.

If you want your team to be able to act thoughtfully, creatively or strategically, then you should try to create positive emotions such as fun, pride, contribution, insight and personal achievement.  These types of memories are stored in our long-term memory bank and leads to creative thought processes, engagement and of course learning retention.

Tips for Effective Leaders

Tip 1:    Create positive emotions when communicating learnings.

Tip 2:    Don’t force people to learn – they will naturally resist. Delivering the training with an element of play will be more effective.

Tip 3:    Praise effort as well as results – Everybody needs approval and acknowledgment.

If you want your team to be self-driven, innovative, resourceful and kicking goals, create a positive and engaging learning environment at your workplace.

Online induction training is a great medium for creating a positive and effective learning environment.

This type of activity will set the pace right from the start and I recommend that you have a look at introducing online induction at your workplace.

TANDI Training and Inductions (an Australian company) is relatively new in the market place, but is already setting the standard for positive, engaging learning. This on-line software is ‘gamified’ which is appealing to every user as it consistently delivers rewards throughout the training.   Managers can now deliver relatively ‘dry’ and complex subjects, such as safety and workplace policies, with the comfort of knowing that the teachings will be understood and remembered.

The best part is that the content is constantly updated in line with workplace legislation changes AND it comes at a price that even the smallest of operations can afford. You only pay for what you need and there are no setup costs.

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