Energising Your Employee Training using these simple steps

Energise Your Employees Training

Did you want to make your Employee Training Program more interesting and engaging for your team? Here is some suggestions which might work in your workplace;

Let your employees take control of their own learning and development

We often dictate what online lessons have to be done in which order, which for compliance training is likely a good idea. However why not offer team members a range of training and development options they can explore on their own. If you have any ‘researchers’ on your team, they will thrive with this option.

You could develop training courses tailored to different career paths within your organisation, which employees can choose to access, rather than being assigned to. For example, your employee Sarah wants to progress into a management role, so she can access an online training course that gives her to skills and knowledge needed to be considered for this role within the business.

Skilling lessons on demand

Create a library of short online lessons which demonstrates how to complete specific functions. Short videos are great for this, however, make sure your Learning Management System makes it easy to find and access the relevant lessons. Consider making the lessons mobile friendly so they can be accessed on the run. Enabling employees to contribute to this library by creating content, can be an opportunity to develop experts and also ensures that when a staff member leaves a business, they’re not taking all their knowledge with them. 

“The best way to learn something is to have to teach it to someone else”

Mix it up!

Consider personal development lessons as well as work skills or knowledge. The more emotionally intelligent your team are, the less conflict and staff turnover you will have. This is a particularly good option for industries that attract heart-centred employees, but I think it’s good for everyone to work on their own wellbeing.  

Facilitate webinars that employees can choose to attend or they can watch the recording at a later date.

Offer a range of short mobile friendly lessons. These are great for workers who use public transport to commute or for when team members want to change their environment and get away from their desk for a while.

Offer Blended Learning options; facilitate face to face training in combination with online learning. Offer a range of learning options for different learning styles such as workshops, podcasts, videos, gamified eLearning, etc.

Hold regular Planning Days where all employees get to explore the pain points of the business and come up with innovative solutions. This is a great way to get employee buy in and come up with best practice from the people on the ground. You could also use online surveys to gain feedback and ideas from your team.

TOP TIP . . . supply food when doing face to face activities and make online training competitive/rewarding

Tell your stories

Inspire and celebrate good efforts by including videos in your library. Your team can contribute to this library by submitting videos or photos they capture on their phones. Create a culture of celebrating the wins and contribution.  

Include content that encourages loyalty to the company brand. Share stories of the good things your business is doing within the community and what benefits you offer employees.

Peer driven and delivered

Imagine having a team of employees who thrive in a culture of constant learning and peer support. This can be achieved by giving control and the required resources to your team.

One suggestion on how to achieve this is to create a range of ‘toolbox meeting’ templates, which gives employees the information they need to deliver short training sessions to their peers. Every morning meeting could include a two-minute tip or demonstration from a team member.

Make employee training fun

Employee training should make your employees more confident in their jobs and make them feel like they have been invested in . . . giving them choice about the learning they have access to and making it engaging, will make the training more of a gift, rather than another ‘must do’ task.  

TANDI can help you with any aspect of your employee training program, so contact us to discuss.