Induction Training for the Retail Industry

Induction Training for the Retail Industry

The Retail Industry employs more people than any other industry sector in Australia.

But working in the retail industry can be hazardous, especially when risk factors are combined, including young workers and lack of training or experience.

Retail workers may be at risk from moving vehicles in delivery areas, falling objects, sharp tools, body strains from lifting loads and repetitive lifting or static postures. Workers may also be at risk of encountering abusive customers or criminals attracted to cash or valuables.

Retail Industry

Induction Training

New staff are at greater risk of injuring themselves at work than existing staff. For this reason, having a well-structured induction or ‘on-boarding” process in place should have a high priority at any workplace.

Induction training ensures employees learn the right way of doing things from the beginning, minimising the risk of costly mistakes, while increasing productivity.

Employers should also re-train staff returning to work after a long absence in case they’ve forgotten anything while they’ve been away or if you have implemented any new processes.  Also consider the staff that are changing roles (someone moving from sales to the warehouse for example) and ensure they receive work health and safety training if they are using equipment, materials or processes that they are unfamiliar with.


Bring your Personnel Management into the 20th century

Is your business still using manual checklists, paper trail and management time to complete your inductions?

A good online employee induction will enable you to leave all that behind and save countless hours and money by automating those processes.

TANDI’s Learning Management System (LMS) is an easy to use platform that automates the whole induction process, leaving you and your managers to focus on retail sales and customer service instead.

Whether you choose our ready-made Retail training module or a full customisation, you will discover that TANDI’s online Learning Management System is cleaner, faster and simpler than you might think possible.

TANDI Online Employee Inductions include both Workplace Health & Safety and HR Policies & Procedures, so employees are informed and responsible for themselves.  This comprehensive employee training will reduce the risks of injuries and litigation.

The induction course incorporates industry and role specific safety training, including a module for Retail Personnel.

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