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Retail Employee Induction

TANDI’s innovative eLearning platform makes it easy to train your Retail Team for success.

Ready-to-use training to strengthen your retail team

Effortlessly meet your Legal obligations and give your new Retail Employees a 100 % Compliant Induction including Safety, Employment Workplace Behaviour and Emergency Response.

This course content is designed to be informative and engaging for all learning styles. Student knowledge is tested and compliance is assured by fun, interactive activities. 

Who should take this Retail Training course? 

Recommended for workers in the Retail Industry, including Department Stores, Clothing, Supermarkets, Boutiques, 24-hour Stores and Malls.

Why upgrade to TANDI e-Learning?


Easily meet your compliance obligations with automatic and secure record keeping

Your responsibilities are met

Tracking & Reporting

Enrol, track and monitor your team’s progress with our easy-to-use system

You save time

24/7 Access

Access the training and admin features anytime, anywhere from any device

Convenient for the team

 Covers Workplace Safety AND HR Polices & Procedures
 Complience Certificate on Completion
 Caters for most Learning Styles
Consistent education across the team
 Safety and Fair Work Australia Compliance
 Student records archived

Instant Access
No Set Up Cost
Exceptional Value for Money
Its fast, only 60 minutes to complete
 Works on most Devices
 Easy to Use

What’s in the Learning modules?

The TANDI courses are designed by experienced HR and training professionals. The courses are thorough and interactive. Students remain engaged and demonstrate their understanding by completing quizzes as they learn.

All TANDI courses incorporate up to date Australian federal and state legislations.

Expand below to see full list of in the 2 modules in the TANDI Retail Induction Training.

Module 1 - Safety, Employment and Workplace behaviour
  • Safety First
  • Employment / Time and Attendance
  • General Conduct
  • Uniform and Presentation
  • Arrival
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Phones and Devices
  • Social Media and Media Interaction
  • Grievances and Complaints
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Confidential Information and Security
  • Electronic Media Use
  • Hazard Identification and Prevention
  • Reporting Incidents and Injuries
  • Manual Handling
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Electrical Safety
  • Chemicals
  • Work at Height
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Equipment
  • Fire Extinguishers and their use
  • Exam
Module 2 - Safe Work Practices for Retail Workers
  • Risk and hazard prevention in the Retail Industry
  • Slips, Trips and falls
  • Manual handling
  • Receiving goods and handling stock
  • Moving carts, mobile racks and trolleys
  • Shopping trolleys
  • Machinery, equipment and tools
  • Pallet jacks
  • Manual cleaning tasks
  • Using chemicals
  • Check outs and static postures
  • PPE
  • Work environment
  • Personal safety and workplace violence
  • Armed hold-ups and robberies
  • Security during opening and closing
  • Personal hygiene


All Packages include: 

  • Full suite of Administration and Reporting Functions
  • Automatic compliance record keeping
  • Live support
  • No Set Up Fees

Micro Business Package
Suitable for a business with less than 10 Employees/Contractors
$69 per month

Small Business Package
Suitable for a business with up to 25 Employees/Contractors
$89 per month

Standard Business Package
Suitable for a business with over 25 Employees/Contractors
$99 per month


Can we add our logo to the courses?

Yes, simply advise us of this customisation add-on (see below). The cost of this add-on and we can add it to cover all of these modules and others you may add in the future

How technical do we need to be to manage our system?

Just know how to use a computer. The TANDI LMS is fully managed; we set up the training for you and provide technical support for both you and your employees.

The LMS automatically creates user profiles for your employees when you allocate training, which is as simple as filling in their name and email address. They will receive an email with the instructions they need to access and complete their online induction.

Is the training kept current to Australian laws?

Yes. We automatically update our ready-to-use training when there are changes to relevant Australian laws or Workplace requirements. We will advise you of these changes via email.

Can we add other courses to our training library?

Yes you can add other ready-to-use courses.

We can also customise something that best suits your business.  Importing your existing training material where possible.

Can our teams refresh their training regularly?

Yes. We encourage businesses to arrange for their employees to re-do the training at least annually.  They can submit a Declaration form each time they complete the training. Their training history is kept safely for you to review at any time.

Can we get a custom course that best suits our business?

Lets talk about creating a custom training solution. Something that best suits your business and team.  We can import your existing training material where the formats match.

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