Learn how to create an effective employee induction program

Learn how to create an effective employee induction program

In today’s fast-moving competitive world the most important resource is a talented and skilled workforce. You simply can’t grow your businesses without it. A healthy, safe and productive workplace culture is vital to staff retention and it all starts with the induction process.

First Impressions count

Did you know that you know that most people decide how long they will stay in their job within the first week? Organisations that fail to impress new workers risk losing them pretty quickly and a poor induction program process is often being blamed as the deciding factor. So it’s important that your new employee induction program is a good one.

Early Engagement

It’s very important to engage with your new recruits early, making them feel welcome aboard, comfortable and clear on expectations. A common problem for companies still delivering a class-room style induction program is long delays. Factors that contribute to this situation are the availability of facilitators, room space and other resources. Instead, let’s have a fresh look at the advantages of delivering your new employee induction program training online.

Online inductions

A well designed and interactive online induction removes the variables associated with the outdated face-to-face training and cumbersome paper-trails. There are many advantages, but the main ones are:
• Training is available 24/7
• Consistent and engaging delivery
• Information is kept up-to-date and compliant
• Record keeping is done automatically
• Cost-savings on printed material and facilitator’s time

Protect your business from legal claims

In addition, you can show that you have taken ‘all reasonable steps’ to train and instruct your employees about safety and appropriate behaviour at work. This is to minimise risk of liability, along with other unpleasant outcomes from legal claims: significant costs, reputational damage, management time, and so on.

Now available for small sized businesses

Up to now, online induction training has been something only larger corporations could afford with high setup costs and nasty lock-in contracts.

However, with the launch of TANDI, small sized Australian businesses now have access to an online training platform with no setup fees, no lock-in contracts and instant access to training and record keeping tools, regardless of how many employees you are inducting.

As a leader in your organisation, you’re probably already aware of the benefits a thorough induction process can bring. But the reality is that one incident or claim could ruin your business if you do not take the appropriate steps to educate, train and engage your staff about safe work practices and behaviour at work.

Read more here to see how TANDI can help reduce risk in your organisation.
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