New Online Training Course – FIND YOUR VOICE

New Online Training Course – FIND YOUR VOICE

We at TANDI have worked in collaboration with Lesley Van Staveren to convert her “Find Your Voice ~ Master Your Message” training course to an online offering, which is now available at TANDI.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and confidence in presenting, whether it be to a stadium of people, a video presentation for social media or giving a presentation to your work colleagues. If you feel you need to find your voice – this is must-do training course.

We have really enjoyed working with Lesley on this project. If you have had the good fortune to see her give a keynote speech, you will know that Lesley is highly skilled in her craft and has a lot to teach us all.

While converting Lesley’s content, I kept thinking that I wish someone had given me this knowledge earlier. As I reflect back to times in my career when I had to present to bosses, clients, business colleagues and the like, I believe I would have been more confident and done things differently if I’d had completed this course first.

This 6-part interactive communication course will help learners develop skills in;

  • Presentation
  • Body language interpretation
  • Speech structure
  • The different learning styles
  • The listening hierarchy
  • Preparation and planning
  • Identifying your unique value
  • Creating your personal content catalogue
  • Overcoming objections

Lesley also offers a free 1:1 coaching session with this online course, which makes for great value (in more than just money).

To find out more CLICK HERE.