Putting on extra staff for the Christmas rush?  Read this!

Are you putting on extra staff for the Christmas rush?

In the run up to the Christmas season, thousands of casual retail and hospitality staff are introduced to businesses just in time for the big rush.  In a lot of cases, this is the first job for many young Australians.

Most businesses are aware of their legal obligation to train and instruct their employees about safety.   Based on this legal duty, most businesses have good intentions to provide induction training for their new recruits, but more often than not, a hectic environment and operational issues interfere, resulting in the training being rushed and in some cases it does not happen at all.

Don’t become part of Christmas statistics

The combination of youth, inexperience, lack of training and a busy environment places your workers at an unacceptable high risk of being seriously hurt or even worse… According to Worksafe Victoria, almost 25 per cent of all workplace fatalities occur in November and December.

No deadline is worth someone’s health or life, so why not stop for a moment and think of strategies that could be put in place to eliminate or minimise the risks to your workers?

Training is key

A well-structured induction program is one of the most effective and efficient ways to bring new recruits up to speed on safe work methods. However, whilst being of fundamental importance, it is just one of many reasons why induction programs are essential. Others benefits and advantages include:

  • It gives you an opportunity to instruct staff on company policies, including bullying, sexual harassment, drug & alcohol and other policies, protecting your business.
  • Feedback from workers overwhelmingly showing that they feel more comfortable starting their new job and that they view their new employer in much more positive light when importance is placed on their safety and training – This ultimately helps retention of employees and saves on recruitment costs.
  • Employees learn the right way of doing things from the beginning, minimising the risk of costly mistakes, whilst  increasing productivity

Wouldn’t it be great if your new recruits could come in on the first day already trained? For a lot of organisations, TANDI online induction training has proven to be the safest and most economical way to manage their new employee induction training.

Why online training is so effective

  • TANDI online employee inductions allows your new recruits to learn in the comfort their own home (or from anywhere with an internet connection) and successfully complete a comprehensive safety training module before their first day on the job.
  • The record keeping of the training is done automatically and secure, making it easy for your organisation to meet its legal obligations.
  • It allows for consistent and engaging delivery, ensuring maximum retention of learning
  • Information is kept up-to-date and compliant with current laws and regulations It also compresses delivery time
  • Massive cost savings on trainees and facilitator’s wages

Having your staff trained in advance allows them to ‘hit the ground running’ and that is literally what the frantic Christmas season is all about.

Find out how you can Induct & Train your new workforce fast online here or check out TANDI’s low cost pricing here

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