Reducing the risks of Company Christmas Parties

Planning a staff Christmas party?

It’s a great way to reward your team for their efforts over the year, however it also important to remember that you are likely responsible for your employee’s health and safety at the event, even though they are not officially working at the time.

TIPS for a safe work Christmas party;

  • Before organising an event, ensure that your internal policies and procedures are up to date, including those related to acceptable behaviour and bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • Send a friendly email to staff before the party reminding them that while the party is a time to relax, it’s still a work function. The email should also outline any rules, including those about sexual harassment and alcohol use policies. If your company uses TANDI Online Employee Inductions, you could refer them to the relevant policy.
  • If alcohol is being served at the party, make sure it’s served legally and responsibly and that there’s also enough food and non-alcoholic drinks available and
  • Help make arrangements for your staff to get home safely after the event. You could organise a bus, pre-order some taxis, or arrange for some designated drivers.