Risk Management for Australian Businesses

Risk Management for Australian Businesses


Industrial Relations & Workplace Health and Safety are the ticking time bombs that too many Australian businesses ignore, because there is a perception that the “fixes” will be costly in both time and money.

This is no longer true.

At the very least, every business’ risk management plan should include a robust employee induction process, which is kept current and where compliance is easily managed. A good employee induction package will help managers reduce the risk of incidents and will also reduce the risk of litigation when something does go wrong.

Example : a medium sized Queensland business is currently in court defending a sexual harassment claim by one of their employees. While the case is still ongoing and we don’t know what the outcome will be, the employer would not likely be in this situation if they were able to demonstrate that the employee who allegedly perpetrated the incident, received relevant advice and training from their employer.

If the employee had completed the TANDI HR Policies & Procedures Induction, the employer could have produced the required evidence and likely avoided the stress and expense of a court case. This would have made the employee (not the employer) responsible for their behaviour.

Additionally, the company could have used the Induction process to ensure they were compliant in managing the behaviour of the employee who was allegedly harassing other team members.

And potentially the behaviour could have been avoided all together, because the perpetrator would have known what behaviours are not acceptable in their workplace.

This peace of mind costs as little as $20 – $89 per employee, which includes both HR Policies & Procedures AND Workplace Health & Safety training.

There are no lock in contracts or set up costs. So why take the risk?

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