Safety in the Storage and Warehousing Industry

Safety in the Storage and Warehousing Industry


Storage and Warehousing are an integral part of Australia’s supply chain and combined with transport, the industry employs an estimated 500,000 people across Australia.

Warehousing work is often heavy and consequently workers in this industry have a higher than average chance of being injured at work.

What are the risks?

Almost 70% of these injuries are caused by hazardous manual handling and slips, trips and falls.

Here is a list of typical warehouse situations were injuries could occur:

  • Lifting heavy or awkward items
  • Stacking items on pallets and shelves.
  • Falls from height
  • Being hit by falling goods
  • Accidents involving moving objects, such as trucks, forklifts and other mechanical aids


Forklifts and other mechanical lifting aids has greatly improved productivity in storage and warehouse operations.  Forklifts in particular allow one worker to move large quantities of materials and handling awkward loads.

However, the use of forklifts has consistently proven to be a risk for serious workplace injuries and death even during normal operation and at low speeds.

It is therefore extremely important to make all warehouse employees aware of the serious impact incorrect usage of this equipment can have on the lives of workers, bystanders and their families.

How do I minimise the risk to my workers?

While it is difficult to completely eliminate the risks within the storage and warehouse industry, strong systems and processes, including a solid induction training program, will have a large effect on the probability of an accident or incident happening.

A well-structured safety induction program is one of the most effective and efficient ways to bring your new recruits up to speed on safe work methods.  Employees learn the right way of doing things from the beginning, minimising the risk of costly mistakes, while increasing productivity.

Wouldn’t it be great if your new recruits could come in on the first day already trained? For a lot of organisations, TANDI online induction training has proven to be the safest and most economical way to manage their new employee induction training.

Why is online training is so effective?

  • Online employee inductions allows your new recruits to learn in the comfort their own home (or from anywhere with an internet connection) and successfully complete a comprehensive safety training module before their first day on the job.
  • The record keeping of the training is done automatically and secure, making it easy for your organisation to meet its legal obligations.
  • It allows for consistent and engaging delivery, ensuring maximum retention of learning
  • Information is kept up-to-date and compliant with current laws and regulations It also compresses delivery time
  • Massive cost savings on trainees and facilitator’s wages

Find out how you can induct & train your new workforce fast online here or check out TANDI’s low cost pricing here


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