Staying safe from Cyclone Debbie

With Cyclone Debbie bearing down on a huge area of Queensland, we hope that everyone will keep safe, both during and after the storm.

Here are some tips for during the storm;

  • Stay inside with doors and windows shut. Stay away from windows, doors, and exterior walls. Go to a small, interior room or stairwell on the lowest floor of the building (bathrooms are often best choice). If possible crouch under heavy furniture. Protect your head with a cushion or mattress.
  • Do not stay in a vehicle or caravan.
  • Keep alert for flash floods and stay away from beaches.
  • Listen to your portable radio for storm updates.

After the storm;

  • Avoid driving and walking through flooded areas.
  • Stay away from fallen powerlines.
  • Call 000 for life threatening emergencies.
  • Call SES (132 500) for temporary roof repairs or sandbagging.
  • Check on your neighbours.

Remember, things can be replaced, but you cannot, so stay safe and don’t take risks.