TANDI Learning Management System

The TANDI Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System is simple to use, flexible and gets the job done

If you’ve been searching for an online training hosting solution, you have likely realised that many options are too technical to use without specialised training and A LOT of resources, OR the offering is too basic and it doesn’t have the features you need to truly take advantage of eLearning functionality.

The TANDI Learning Management System has been developed to give businesses access to a fully managed LMS service, which can . . .

  • Host and manage online training courses that are specific to the needs of your employees, customers or contractors. Each organisation has their own training library.
  • Host TANDI developed courses AND your own training products.
  • Enable managers to easily assign training and monitor training completions – including knowledge testing.
  • Communicate with your team about their training requirements
  • Manage your digital forms
Learning Management System

Our LMS is great for competency checking and compliance documentation. We can build a training library and reporting system that meets the needs of your business. We understand that one size does not fit all . . . each business has their own unique requirements and approach to training employees, customers and contractors.

Some common uses of the TANDI LMS

Compliance Training

Compliance training deals with a multitude of laws and regulations that are constantly evolving with time. A Learning Management System helps in assuring important content is easily and rapidly updated and instantly available to all users anywhere. This is one of the most important features that an LMS offers.

Employee Development Training

  • The need to train and develop your employees is constant, whether you are a start-up or a large corporation or everything between.
  • With an LMS you can simplify the process, minimise employee training costs and eliminate business disruptions associated with traditional learning, by allowing your employees to study online at their own pace.
  • With eLearning, organisations not only spend less money and time compared to ‘face -to-face’ style training, but also gain better insights on their employees’ progress with real-time monitoring and reporting tools.

Induction Training – Onboarding

  • The important task of onboarding new employees can be automated and handled easily by a Learning Management System.
  • You still need to give them a tour around the workplace, but all the rest they can learn at their own pace (and refer back to, whenever they need).
  • An induction training course can include several lessons, including company information, HR Policies and instructions on how to do their job in a safe manner. This is also a good place to educate your new employees on your company’s expectations in relation to conduct, privacy guidelines, social media and harassment policies.

Cost Reduction

Old school learning not only wastes time, it wastes money too. Instructors, training time, management time, training materials, space / venue – the list goes on and it adds up. Getting a system like TANDI cuts these costs down and really impacts your bottom line.