The reasons why every business needs an Induction Checklist

The reasons why every business needs an Induction Checklist

Kudos! After an effective recruitment and selection, you finally landed an excellent candidate to be part of the skilled workforce driving your business forward. Well, count yourself lucky. Such employees are not only hard to find but also challenging to retain.

Instead of a potential re-advertising nightmare you can create a positive outcome by simply helping your new hire adjust to the new working environment through induction training. Research shows that new hires, who attend a well-structured and programmed induction training before starting off on their new posts, are 69% more likely to remain in the company at least for the next three years. Besides this interesting statistic, there are two more reasons why you cannot afford to compromise on structured induction training for your new staff members.

  1. New hires are able to start in the right gear

The first day at a new workplace is never easy. No matter how many years of working experience one has, a new company has its own pulse and culture. Nevertheless, well-structured staff induction training ensures new hires are well versed with the business and safety requirements of the particular role. As a bonus, an induction checklist ensures that all the key elements and areas around employment are communicated to the new employees. As a result, there is equity amongst all workers, whether old or new, as they have the same information regarding the company.

  1. Training is a legal requirement

As an employer, you have a positive legal duty to provide new staff members with training and instructions. Your induction checklist should cover all areas of the employment and particularly pertinent information that will ensure they do their job in a safe manner.  Legal cases that have made headlines recently also highlight the need to train staff about inappropriate and unlawful workplace behavior, such as sexual harassment and bullying. Failure to comply with this training duty will increase the risk of liability, along with everything else that results from a legal claim against an organization including significant penalties that amount to thousands and in some cases millions of dollars in damages.

But why do some employers still not integrate the induction checklist in their recruitment process?

Time and a lack of resources seem to be the biggest problem businesses have with training new employees.   This is especially the case with small business operators, as there have been no affordable options for a business with only a few employees – Until now!

TANDI online inductions for small businesses

It is very comforting for a business manager to know that new employees reporting to work on the first day are fully informed of the company’s policies and trained on vital safety matters. Considering the financial and time constriction small businesses have, TANDI’S online induction training and induction checklists are clear, comprehensive and based on Australian law. Coupled with effective policies and properly implemented, TANDI’s online induction training puts your organisation in a position to successfully defend itself against liability.

Even better, with the TANDI’s online induction training:

  • The training delivery is consistent and systematic
  • All the information is kept up to date and in line with Australian law
  • Records and compliance paperwork of the employees are automatically stored in the cloud for easier retrieval.
  • Training is conducted online making it available 24/7

For more information regarding 100% compliant induction training, feel free to contact us.

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