The top 3 Myths of staff Onboarding

The top 3 Myths of Onboarding

Onboarding your employees is a critical step to ensuring success in today’s business environment.

Done right, onboarding can build relationships and motivate your new team-members to work more productively and cohesively.

Despite the proven benefits of onboarding, there are still a reasonable amount of confusion in relation to who needs it, what’s legally required and what the word ‘onboarding’ really means.

Let’s debunk the top #3 myths and look at best practice in today’s leading Australian businesses.

Myth #1: Onbording only needs to be completed in blue-collar or high-risk industries

While risk levels may vary from industry to industry, the basic context of law is the same for every employer. In summary, you must give your workers enough information, training and instruction about the work so they can remain healthy and safe in the workplace, and it must be easy to understand.

Myth #2: Onboarding is the same as Orientation

Orientation is a single event that usually takes place during the first day on the job.  An orientation is intended to ensure that new hires get the very basics of what they need, including a tour of the workplace, a copy of essential policies and the completion of paperwork.

Onboarding on the other hand, generally begins before the new hire starts and only ends when the new hire is classified as a fully-functioning team member. This process can take weeks, months and even up to a full year.

An orientation should naturally form part of the onboarding, however the process should also provide customised information to the new recruit based on their role within the company.

This could include an introduction to the team, the assignment of a mentor or buddy and two-way feedback from the Manager / Supervisor.  The onboarding process is meant to ingrain the company culture and reinforce what was told in the recruiting phase. It should coach, mentor and develop the new recruit into a great employee.

Myth #3: Onboarding is only for big corporations

Your organisation doesn’t have to be the size of IBM to take advantage of the benefits from a thorough onboarding process.

Lack of time and resources seem to be the biggest hurdles for businesses providing training for their new employees. This is especially the case for small business operators, however we have a great tool to help. TANDI Online Employee Inductions is an easy, inexpensive and professional addition to your onboarding processes and suitable for any organisation, regardless of size.

TANDI Online Employee Inductions include both Safety and HR policies.

Safety Training

The TANDI Workplace Health & Safety training will help your new team-members perform their work duties in a safe manner and contribute to your organisation’s compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations.

HR Policies and Procedures Training

The TANDI induction training will inform your new employees of the basic policies, procedures and rules of your business. Clear workplace policies ensure that employees and managers understand the expectations and responsibilities that apply in the workplace.


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