Employee Induction for Small Business

Employee Induction for Small Business

For new employees, the first week in a new job is both an exciting and challenging experience.

A well-designed employee induction program will make new staff feel more comfortable in their new surroundings and have a better understanding of your business and the expectations of their role.

A powerful, yet simple way to achieve this, is to use online software specifically designed to help small businesses with their employee inductions.

Work smarter with small business software

When it comes to running a small business, there are many things to consider and resources are often stretched. TANDI’s Learning Management System eliminates repetitive manual processes that usually take a lot of time and manpower, allowing you to cover off on important things such as Employee induction training and compliance with minimum effort.

Ready-to-use Employee Induction Training

TANDI’s online employee induction for small business allows you to tap into compliant training modules that are kept up-to-date with relevant legislation changes. This ensures that your employees are provided with essential training in Work Health and Safety (WHS) as well as important Human Policies and Procedures such as Code Conduct, Bullying and Sexual Harassment.

All of TANDI’s online training modules have progress tracking, administration and reporting functionality, so you can instantly see who has and hasn’t completed their training.

As we are 100% online, there is no need for any software installation and it’s available anytime, anywhere with an internet connection.

Our unique training and induction platform will save you time, money, and effort with an all-in-one system for employee training and development.

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