Working Safely from Home – Employee Policy Training


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WHY your employees should take this course

This training has been designed to provide employees with skills that will keep them safe and help support their wellbeing whilst working from home.

The course also provides employees with an online self-assessment of their workstation /area, with auto-notification to the supervisor, should there be any concerns.

Simply allocate the course to your home-based workers and use the TANDI Learning Management System to monitor their progress via our easy-to-use reporting system.

This course includes the following subjects;

  • Understanding WHS responsibilities
  • The risks associated with working from home
  • Checking and confirming minimum standards for;
    • Flooring
    • Trip hazards
    • Emergency exits
    • Lighting, ventilation, noise, temperature
    • Storage (manual handling)
    • Electrical equipment
    • Security
    • First Aid
    • Smoke detection
    • Ergonomics and workstation set up
  • Work practices
  • Adherence to existing Policies and Procedures
  • Mental Health
  • Hygiene


As well as being able to see that the training has been completed, business managers will also receive a Declaration which;

  • Enables the employee to communicate any concerns
  • Provides a safety check list for both the company and the employee
  • Documents the employees confidence in their knowledge on the subject and adherence to the policy

Ready-to-use Employee Training

This ON DEMAND option is PAY AS YOU GO;

  • Purchase only what you need and add more licenses when new employees come on board.
  • Start with as little as one license
  • No lock in contracts
  • No set up fees
  • LMS (Learning Management System) included


Yes, simply include the ADD YOUR OWN LOGO customisation add-on (see below). The cost of this add-on covers ALL of these modules.

Yes. The ON DEMAND purchasing option is designed so businesses only need to purchase what they need, when they need it.

Yes. Add other ready-to-use courses or ask us to make something for you. We can include other training products you have created; this is dependant on how they have been produced/their format. 

Yes. Our design team is in-house. Talk to us about your needs and we will find a solution for you.

Yes. We automatically update our ready-to-use training when there are changes to relevant Australian laws or Workplace requirements. We will advise you of these changes via email.

Yes. We encourage businesses to arrange for their employees to re-do the training at least annually.  They can submit a Declaration form each time they complete the training. 

NIL! The TANDI LMS is fully managed; we set up the training for you and provide technical support for both you and your employees. The LMS automatically creates user profiles for your employees when you allocate training, which is as simple as filling in their name and email address. They will receive an email with the instructions they need to access and complete their online induction.

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