Employment Services Training and Jobactive Inductions

Online Induction Training



Workplace Health & Safety + HR Policies and Procedures training for people working in the Employment Services industry

No minimum purchase - all accounts include an easy to use Learning Management System and the TANDI reporting function

This Online Induction training is ideal for employees working within the following industries

  • Disability Employment Services Industry
  • The Community Development Programme (CDP)
  • Jobactive Providers
  • Job Services Australia
  • Work for the Dole Providers
  • Transition to Work
  • Australian Apprenticeships
  • New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) Providers
  • All other Employment Services Industries

TANDI Online Inductions for Employment Services Workers

✔ No Set Up Fees
✔ Pay per License (no minimum purchase)
✔ Easy To Use
✔ No Lock in Contracts
✔ Ready-to-go Now

✔ Automatic Record Keeping of Training
✔ Learning Management System (LMS) included
✔ Full suite of Administration and Reporting Functions
✔ Notifications and training updates when legislation is changed
✔ Support via Tutorials, FAQ, Email, Chat and Phone
✔ Access to the TANDI business document and resources library


✔ Work Health and Safety Employee Training (Read More)

✔ Emergency Response Employee Training (Read More)

✔ HR Policies and Procedures Employee Training (Read More)

✔ HR Your Employment Employee Training (Read More)

✔ Use of Motor Vehicle Employee Training

✔ Employment Services Workers – Safe Work Practices Module Includes the following topics

  • Remote and isolated work
  • Working alone
  • Dealing with challenging behaviours and violence
  • Ice (crystal meth)
  • Workplace stress

✔ Learning Management System (LMS)

Girl with arms crossed used for Employment Services Workers Employee Induction

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