Work For The Dole Safety / Work Readiness


TANDI online Employee Induction training is perfect for Work for the Dole job seekers;

  • The training is online and accessible for immediate commencement into an activity.
  • The training comprehensively covers the safety requirements of most Australian workplaces. Participants can complete as many (or all) of the industry specific Safe Work Practice modules, preparing and protecting them while working in a wide range of industries.
  • The training includes HR Policies and Procedures to inform Job Seekers about workplace requirements while participating in a WFD activity and once transitioned into paid employment (work readiness 101!)
  • TANDI’s automated administration processes promotes compliance and reduces the potential of litigation; Participants complete declarations for each training module, so Providers and Host Employers have evidence of training completions and Job Seekers have the opportunity to provide feedback. Providers also have access to training completion reports. Providers and WFD hosts can use this documentation to manage performance and for coaching purposes.
  • Declaration reports are great inclusions in a Job Seekers resume.

The Work for the Dole / Work Readiness for Employment Service Providers course includes the following Modules;

  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • HR Your Employment
  • General Work Health and Safety
  • Farming Safe Work Practices
  • Warehousing Safe Work Practices
  • Health and Community Services Safe Work Practices
  • Retail Safe Work Practices
  • Hospitality Service Safe Work Practices
  • Cleaners and Housekeeping Safe Work Practices
  • Kitchen and Catering Safe Work Practices
  • Use of a Motor Vehicle

TALK TO US about;

  • Purchasing quantities (Bulk pricing available)
  • Subscriptions and other payment options
  • Adding your existing training to our LMS
  • Tailoring our training
  • Adding a Business Introduction Module
  • Training Register / Verification of Competency system

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