CDP Participant Online Induction


Just like other Australian workers, Community Development Program Participants need a safe environment when working on CDP projects. TANDI has made it easy for providers to train Participants in CDP policies and safety requirements.

We have ready-to-use Participant Induction packages available for immediate use or we can tailor something specific to the needs of your organisation, your projects and your Participants.

Managing your Participant training has never been easier with the TANDI Learning Management System. We keep the processes simple, but compliance high.

The TANDI Learning Management System includes not only online courses, but digital forms and an integrated communication tool to help you automate your employee management and training functions. We even offer a VOC (Verification of Competency) add on – this has been specifically designed for a CDP Provider and is used successfully in remote locations.

What is included in the TANDI ‘Ready-To-Use’ CDP Participant Induction course;

  • CDP Policies and Procedures (personal hygiene, standard hours of attendance & breaks, code of conduct, fit for work, discrimination, bullying & harassment, grievances and complaints)
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Farming Safe Work Practices
  • Warehousing Safe Work Practices
  • Health & Community Services Safe Work Practices
  • Retail Safe Work Practices
  • Hospitality Service Safe Work Practices
  • Cleaners and Housekeeping Safe Work Practices
  • Kitchen and Catering Safe Work Practices
  • Use of a Motor Vehicle

Contact us to discuss options for;

  • Purchasing quantities (Bulk pricing available)
  • Payment options
  • Adding your existing training to our LMS
  • Tailoring our training
  • Adding a Business Introduction Module
  • Training Register / Verification of Competency system

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