Training for the Employment Services Industry

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CDP Training for Employment Service Providers

This product is great for CDP (Community Development Programme) activities because the training creates an awareness of health and safety guidelines, keeping Participants safe while engaging in their activities and  future workplaces.

Our training includes CDP HR Policies and Procedures, which promotes the behaviours and work expectations required in the workplace. TANDI training and reporting can be used by providers to manage performance and as a coaching tool.

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Job Seeker Engagement Tools for Employment Service Providers

The ENGAGE program is a suite of resources for Employment Service Providers including Jobactive providers to use for facilitating job searching and self development workshops.

These products enable Employment Consultants to provide useful and empowering training to groups of Job Seekers, ensuring compliance with contracts and providing a service that moves candidates into employment.

Active job seekers are motivated job seekers, especially if they are engaged in positive and meaningful activities.

Employment Services Workers Employee Induction

This employee training is on-line and ready for immediate access. Our administration systems makes it simple for providers to allocate training and monitor training completions.

This training package includes Workplace Health and Safety as well as Human Resources Policies and Procedures, which promotes the behaviours and work expectations required in the workplace.

Employment Service Managers  including Jobactive Providers can use TANDI reporting to manage performance and as an employee coaching tool.

Work For The Dole Safety/Work Readiness Training

This product is great when Jobactive providers are commencing participants in a Work for the Dole activity. The training creates an awareness of work readiness concepts (workplace policies and procedures) and safe work practices; these are important requirements while working in a WFD dole activity and future workplaces.

Our training includes ALL Safe work practises modules, Work Health & Safety and Human Resources Policies and Procedures.

The training and reporting can be used by Jobactive providers to manage performance and as a coaching tool.

Free training

Provider training - REVERSE MARKETING

It is proven again and again that Reverse Marketing is the most effective method for gaining appropriate employment (and outcomes) for candidates.

This free training explores some tips and processes for effectively marketing your job seekers.

The TANDI team includes highly experienced Employment Services experts (labour hire, recruitment, JSA, DSP, Employment Project Managers), who can help you build online training resources for your staff or job seekers. Talk to us how we can create a training library that will take your organisation to the next level.